Casey Siberian's Disclaimer

This is "Joy"
She lived with my mother and father, until she moved in with me for the remainder of her life, she lived to be 16. {RIP Joy Girl}

It has been brought to my attention that there is a PUPPY MILL in KY, That has been selling Siberian husky puppies and adults using my kennel name as well as my name and signing my name to puppy contracts. If you purchased one of my Siberian Husky puppy or adult, you would have either had to come to Massachusetts to do so, and or have talked to me many times in person or online, as well as on the phone. Any puppy that is shipped from Casey Siberians is shipped directly from Me. I do NOT have other people place my puppies! If you have purchased a puppy from Kentucky, that is NOT me please call the person you bought your dog from. I will not guarantee any puppies that was not born and raised at my home in MA.

It has been brought to my attention That Sinful Siberian's had added a little write up on a female she bought from me as a pet, that she so called died from a grand mal seizure. This is on her website.

Keira: Was just under 3 years old when she went into a full blown grand mal seizure and wouldn't break. I rushed to bring her to the vet again I took her to TUFTS. I found out a very dark secret that was kept from me (still to this day from her breeder) after she had whelped her litter of puppies, Keira's mother was put down do to non stop grand mal seizures. When I got Keira to the vet and they could not get them to stop and I told the vet about Keira's mother. He asked me "Even if I get them to stop this time she is bound to have them again and again do you really want this? You also have one of her pups at home that may have the same problem, Do you really what to breed this genetic defect?" I couldn't have Keira live like that, I would not breed her or Bell, Knowing they have seizures in there back round. Again with a heavy heart I held the head of my 1st Siberian as she closed her eyes 1 last time.

After reading this I did some research and was contacted by a puppy buyer from one of Sinful Siberians litters, out of Kiera. This is her e-mail. refer to the date of this e-mail .

From: "Jillian Lombard"
Date: Feb 1, 2012 1:54 AM
Subject: Re: Kiera
Hello XXXXX,
So sorry for the late night reply. So sorry to alarm you I tried to reach out to you and all her puppy owners to warren them about the post on the website. Please trust me when I say Keira is alive and well...I am having a very big fight with her breeder... Not XXXXX but she is a very good friend of XXXXX's so please don't say any thing... As far as any one knows Keira has passed away. The part about Keira's mother is 100% true and I found this out from the lady that owned her after her 2nd litter... This is one more thing that lead to a bigger fight between me and her breeder. I did have a big falling out with XXXX and no longer speak to her over what happened with Luna, XXXXX sold me Luna on a contract and would not replace her when she had to be put down due to Lupus. She told me I didn't do enough to save her and said I should have spent the 5k-8k to try to save her life... Trust me if I had the money I would have... I just didn't have it... My family was moving in less then a month and that was the money we had to move with I couldn't use it on the dog... I would have been homeless. The story with Bell is also partly true... she did get out of her kennel... Not looking for her mom just climbed over the fence and ran into traffic and was hit by a box truck right in front of my eyes... So I have been through a lot and just don't want to be bothered any more by Keira's breeder any more.... I am so sorry If I scared the hell out of you... I am just sick and tired of every 6 months the bitch taking me back to court and harassing me. Keira was spayed about 6 months ago and living as a house dog. She is doing great living with 2 males and 2 other females and mushing... She is very happy and healthy. I am hoping to get up there some time soon but my health has not been so great. Next time I get up there I will take some pics for you... Again I am very sorry for scaring the crap out of you.
Jillian Hilditch
Sinful Siberians
** All puppies from Sinful Siberians come with a health guarantee.
** ** Pet puppies are sold with a spay/neuter contract **
To: Jillian Lombard
Sent: Tuesday, January 31, 2012 6:13 PM
Subject: Kiera
I just read your website. I am very sad to hear of Kiera's loss. But how can you bash her breeder for not telling you and not call or email to let me know about this? I am absolutely panicked now with no information on what could go wrong, what to watch for and if this is preventable. I am sorry if this is ill timed given the circumstances you have just endured, but my beautiful baby girl is still here and I need to know how to keep her safe. XXXXX

Now let me clarify the information on Kiera's Mother who is Kitara, Kitara was send to Laura Pope, for her to have 1 litter with her and she was to send her back. Well low and behold when I stopped talking to Laura over 2 years ago, I asked her for my dog back, at that time she told me she was having seizures, which was a LIE. I told her to still send her back she refused to do so. I had one of her females which I sent back, so she would send Kitara back to date she has still not sent her back, she is still living with Laura and she is still breeding her to this day. I have seen her in Laura's added online and I have had people go to her property to check on Kitara and they have seen her.

The only reason Jillian Lombard Hildich has any information about her mother is because her and Laura are very good friends. So to say the least I wish I had NEVER sold Jillian Lombard Hildich, of Sinful Siberian's any of my dogs. I have already taken her to court once and won so I guess I will for sure be taken her back to court for breach of contract when it comes to Kiera, I worry for Kiera and "Timon" CASEY'S THE ONE MAN SHOW safety, if a owner can write something like this on her web site I don't want to imagine what she is really capable off in person. :(