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Casey Siberian's

Our dogs thrive on plenty of fresh country air, snow & sunshine! They enjoy lots of supervised play time where they can run and frolic to their heart's content.

We are very devoted to our dogs and their offspring, and are careful to ensure that potential buyers will be equally devoted to their new puppy. They should have the time, knowledge, ability, facilities and resources to provide a clean, happy, healthy and permanent home for their special puppy. A fenced yard is an absolute must! We are happy to provide any advice and support that may be needed in adjusting to life with your new family member, and we love to keep in touch with our new "extended" families!

We are very proud of our excellent breeding program which produces dogs that are fine examples of the breed standard. Because of the strong demand for our quality Husky puppies, Casey Siberian's has established a policy of advance deposits for upcoming litters. Deposits are $200 and is non-refundable but can be transferred ,so please be certain of your decision.

After a litter is whelped, photo & updates are provided on a weekly bases. These photos will keep you informed of your puppy and the litter as a whole.

Here at Casey Siberian's I keep a limited number of Siberians so I breed only a limited number of puppies annually and I would be quite happy to refer you to a reputable breeder if you do not wish to wait for one of our puppies.

For Pricing on our puppies please e-mail or call me direct. Each puppy receives his/her first set of puppy shot. All puppies are wormed up to date. They also come with a written health guarantee for genetic or heredity health issues.

As responsible breeders, the health of our dogs is a very important concern for us. All parents are genetic tested ,hips x-rayed & eyes cleared Yearly. Providing the best foundation for the health of your puppy is our primary concern at Casey Siberian's. We take great pride in our ability to produce a puppy that is not only beautiful but, healthy, happy, playful and with an excellent temperament. The sound structure and outstanding pedigrees will make your new puppy, a puppy you will be proud to own.
In keeping with our kennel policy, all "pet-quality" puppies must be spayed or neutered at the appropriate age to preserve the breed and promote the overall health of your pet. This helps us to do our part against irresponsible breeding practices, and to help reduce the growing number of unwanted dogs in shelters throughout the country.

Emotionally, Siberian Huskies need to be part of a pack and will be extremely unhappy if they are not raised in such a manner. He must be confident in his place in your pack and have daily companionship or he could become quite destructive. When a problem arises, it usually stems from lack of socialization, being kennel bred rather than home bred, being left to his own devices, or poor health.

The bond between a dog and a human begins at birth.
All of our litters are Born inside of our home, in a warm, clean,well ventilated area, either in my living room or my basement. At 6 weeks of age, after the initial series of vaccinations, we bring the Mom & puppies out to the Kennel away from my adults but close enough to hear all the sights and sounds. In the kennel they have indoor with shavings & outdoor where they have free run of there run area. Fresh water is always available along with plenty of puppy toys. We strive to do everything possible to make the transition from our home to yours as smooth as possible for your new puppy.

This process involves exposing the puppies to many different things such as, typical household noises, family members, and our other animals. We feel that this process creates the ideal environment for each puppy.

We will always maintain the right to refuse a sale that we do not believe is in the best